Hi! I am Emma!

I am a mid level graphic designer with strong agency
and freelance experience.

I have a BFA in graphic design and most recently employed at Happylucky, a creative agency in Portland, OR.

I strive to design with the idea of building community and creating connection.

I am looking for opportunities to work on projects that help foster a sense of connection and community.  My passions lie within connecting people, making them feel acknowledged and valued and working with small businesses. I love creating concept-driven work that continues to grow post-production.

I love whimsy, gnomes, and holding myself to be empathetic and intentional in my actions. I run both a community zine and newspaper that help creatives meet each other and share their art. I love to garden, admire nature, go on urban hikes to see design, and collect zines!

Favorite emoji:  🐛


Willamette University
PNCA Community Education
Taste For Equity
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Mercy Corps
Art Zero
Blanchet House
Lurch Zine
Grain Of Salt Magazine,
Pastel Serenity Zine
Mystik Kinship Zine

2022 BFA Graphic Design Award
2022 BFA Commencement Speaker

Merit Scholar + Dean’s List

Willamette University
Recognition Article

Design Talk at Willamette University Career Week