Community Building
Social Media Management
Project Managment
Print Layouts
Business Running
Print Publication
Founder / Designer
Cofounder: Anna Volk
Year: 2022 - Present

LURCH zine is an open-call zine created for our unsteady and uncomfortable world. We celebrate the stumbling, uncontrolled talent of those who seek a solution to creative stagnancy.

I established and branded LURCH with my cofounder Anna Volk. Together we have designed layouts for a 50-page plus art and writing magazine. Communicated and managed over 50 independent creatives who submitted to the zine. Hosted an event with over 100 guests and 3 bands. Wrote grants to fund the project.  And continue  to create promotional assets for social media, manage mass emails, and keep participants up-to-date on production of issues.

LURCH’s goal is to form a space for designers, artists, and-other creatives in their practices and give them a platform to share their work.

We’ve been honored to participate in an Independent Publishers Discussion through Literary Arts, various zine fairs, and community zine launches. 

LURCH is currently on Issue 02: Rabbit Hole.