Portland Women’s Leaders Dinner

Event Design
Event Graphics
Client: Happylucky Interal
Agency: Happylucky
Year: 2022

The Portland Women's Leaders Dinner was the first installment in a series of events celebrating women leaders in the Portland, Oregon area.

We wanted to offer a space for women to collaborate, share stories, support one another, and put a face to the names of their local community.

This leadership dinner was established to give these women a moment for community and inspiration. We invited 45 inspiring stewards in our community to enjoy a night of building connection over mouthwatering food, cozy vibes, and very drag entertainment. In collaboration with my team, I designed, coordinated, and curated this one night activation, with the intention of cultivating connections among guests.

This event was for women, by women, so I took care to source women + non men chefs, bar staff, florists, DJS, and vendors.  

Hannah Jenny (GD)
Ricky Young (AD)
Faith Olsen (STRAT)