adidas Community Lab Toolkit

Brand Identity
Client: adidas
Agency: Happylucky
Year: 2023

adidas community lab announced their unique program designed to support and empower the next generation of leaders.  “Our goal is to help you grow and transform your brilliant ideas beyond your wildest dreams.”

Named, created a brand identity, logo, and design for this program and created a design system to best highlight the programs cohorts. Using bold gradients, typography, and grids to convey power, emotion, and strength

Logo Design:

clear visions.
well-laid plans for an impactful future.
these multifaceted leaders just need the
right opportunity to harness their power.
stand in their power.
live and breathe fully in their power.
driven by love for the communities they aim to help rise,
nothing will stop them from getting it done.

Madison Bracken (GD)
Beth Zimmerman (CD)
Aaroon Keene (CW)
Alicia Plate (PD)